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We are the #1 resource for Pacific Northwest arborist looking for Bandit Chippers, climbing gear, ropes, ladders, and even chipper trucks.               877-501-4988

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Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for our new website that will be a complete resource for arborists Bend, Portland, Seattle and more!

We will carry complete inventory of climbing gear, ladders, chain saws, pole pruners, and Bandit Chippers, Chip Dump Trucks, Bucket Trucks, Track Lifts, and much more!

WE ARE HIRING! Join our team today CLICK HERE »

With our partners at Work Truck Direct, we can even get you the “Total Package” a Chipper Truck and Bandit Chipper. All of our large and heavy equipment is eligible for financing by AP Equipment Financing.

  9442 N. Whitaker Road
  Portland, OR 97217

  20028 Old Owen Road
  Monroe, WA 98272